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Dr. EnRico Melson has a list of credentials, degrees and honors that goes on and on, and because of this, you would think that he would be  very conservative in his beliefs, especially about medicine.  But quite the contrary, you will be happily surprised and changed by what he has to say.

Professor Dr. ENRICO MELSON,


•Chairman and Executive Director Global Integrative Medicine Network;

•Chairman and Chief Health Officer AHA! Ventures, Inc., USA, Beijing, and UAE;

•Visiting Professor Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University;

•Vice-Chancellor, Innovative Medicine and Global Media

Open International University of Complementary Medicines – USA;

•Professor and Senior Scientist THIRD-BRAIN Research Institute, Beijing, and US

• Expert Educator, GIMN Content Development.

Dr. EnRico Melson was a National Merit/ California Physicians Scholar at Harvard University, receiving his A.B. in Public Health, (self-designed) in 1977.   He completed his Masters in Public Health degree at the University of California at Berkeley in 1981.  His Medical education was at the University of California at Irvine, and at Stanford University, with his M.D. from UCI in 1982.  His post-doctoral training includes:  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of Cornell Univ.; Montefiore/ Albert Einstein Medical Centers; The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Health Care Financing Admin; and The Univ. of Iowa College of Medicine.

Dr. Melson has held several advanced credentials in Medicine, including: General Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Occupational/ Environmental Medicine; Family Medicine; Pain Management; Disability Evaluation; Medical Administration; and Epidemiology and Health Services Research. He also holds such other credentials as:  Master HypnoTherapist; Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming; Master BioEnergetics Practitioner; and Trainer in numerous Mind/ Body Integration practices. He has directed multiple programs and clinics in Ayurvedic, Mind-Body, Spa, Primary Care, MedEvac, Urgent Care, Occupational, and Integrative Medicine. Enrico is the Developer of the HoloLinguistic Awareness (HLA) methodology, as well as the Integral Awareness Medicine (I- AM) and Syntelligence Systems.

His studies of Ancient Systems include Ayurvedic Medicine, Hawaiian Huna, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shamanistic pursuits. He has lectured and advocated worldwide for the acceptance of Integrative Medicine.  He currently serves as: Vice-Chancellor for Innovative Medicine (OIUCM-USA); Executive Director, Global Integrative Medicine Network (GIMN); Visiting Professor, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University; Senior Advisor, INIT (Intelligent Information Technology); Senior Advisor, China NeuroInformatics Centre; and Advisor, World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM).  His current Therapeutic work emphasizes the Quantum-BioEnergetic process of DEEKSHA, yielding profound gains in Physiologic and Consciousness States for Patients and Clients.

He has worked in International Communications and Technology Development, since 1984. While still a Medical Resident in Post-Doctoral training, He Co-Founded Tri-Star Tecjhnologies, Inc., and led their participation in INTELSAT’S PROJECT S.H.A.R.E. (Satellites for Health and Rural Education), linking New York – The Caribbean – The UK – and Tanzania, examining common Health Problems experienced among societies at different Stages of Development. Over the years He has been acknowledged by the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations (CANTO), and various Governments, for His work in advancing TeleMedicine, TeleEducation, and International Telecommunications Networks in Lesser-Developed Countries (LDC’s). His current Projects include:

•GIMN; As Exec. Dir. of GIMN, he is partnered with Shanghai Aerospace/ 24-Hour Medical Broadcasting Co., numerous Government entities, multiple Universities, and many Integrative and Natural Medicine organizations, to create a Worldwide tele-Education Network for Integrative Medicine.

•Chairman, CEO, and Chief Health Officer of AHA! Ventures, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, California; Beijing, China; and Dubai, UAE. AHA! develops and deploys Integral Utility Grid SuperComputing (IUGS TM) + Integral Awareness Modeling (I-AM TM) + Integral Awareness Communications Technology (I-ACTTM) – based Applications for eHealth, eLearning, Digital Media, Logistics, Environmental, and Energy markets.   EnRico is Professor and Senior Scientist of the THIRD-BRAIN Research Institute, a Think Tank and Neuro-Bio-Informatics R&D Centre, also based in China and USA. He is also

•Senior Medical Advisor for OMNIQUR, a USA + China company developing Advanced Medical Devices and Internet Medicine Technologies.

•China National Digital Hospital Integration;

•International Brain Bank; Currently Senior Advisor to the China NeuroInformatics Center, as well as the International BioMedical Network Data Sharing Projects, supporting China’s participation in the Global effort to “Map” and more completely understand the functions and capacities of the Human Brain/ Mind/ Consciousness Axis

•INIT (Intelligent Information Technology).


EnRico’s experiences and contributions in the fields or International Health and Disaster Medicine stem from his personal growth, centered in  Globally-conscious Service of the New Millennium.  From the Siege of Beirut and the Massacre at Sabra-Shatillah, Lebanon – to the Sandinista-Contra civil war in Nicaragua — to the volcanic mudslide of Armero, Colombia — “Rico” volunteered his medical knowledge and skills to help those in need.  These experiences, and others, fostered a personal transformation in him, to promote greater healing and conflict resolution, and To re-integrate into the Wholeness of Our Being.  Whether speaking with Hadassah support groups,  or to Nursing students in Cairo, or to Eskimo communities in Alaska, or to international Telecommunications leaders in Rio de Janeiro, or to Chinese Entrepreneurs in Malaysia, or to Government Officials in Beijing — Dr Melson espouses a message:

“To be INTEGRAL is to connect the local with the global concerns, to see one as contained within the other,

how one does not exist without the other, and how one’s actions on either level are actions on both levels.“

Dr. Melson serves tirelessly in Advisory roles in the health, business, spiritual, and educational communities, honoring more than 300 speaking engagements around the world.  He is a Loving Single Parent and Guardian to his two Sons, Daughter, and four Nephews.

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